Dr Pet


Dr Pet is a company dedicated to providing health care for pets. Our plans offer options for dogs and cats, with toppings ranging from routine visits, vaccinations and castration, to more complex procedures, attended by experts from its network of clinics and accredited veterinarians.

Dr Pet wants to make sure that Pets live well and enjoy a great quality of life, especially dogs and cats. We offer and encourage access to preventive and medical care services, including emergencies, providing access to animal healthcare professionals through a wide network of affiliated veterinarians, prioritizing specialized facilities that are able to carry out world-class procedures in compliance with the Federal Council of Veterinary Medicine’s technical standards.


Ensure excellence in the provision of information and services that provide comfort and safety to those responsible for pets and themselves.


Become the main market reference, offering a mix of products and services that make contact with the brand essential for pet owners.


• Trustworthy
• Socially responsible
• Sustainable in every aspect
• Excellence with simplicity
• Respect and ethics at all levels: customers, shareholders, employees and partners